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A framework for fiction writers

Fabula is a tool of 40 cards that you can dispose wherever you want and which helps you analyse, organise and build your stories.

You can place Fabula on walls, tables, floors or any other available surface, with the help of adhesive putty or tape. Each card is like a box to fill, so you can just arm yourself with post-its and a pen, and start inventing!


In the Fabula deck you'll find:

The Assets

The ASSETS cards are the blue cards in your deck and they help you organise the main ingredients of your story.

They give you the right questions, for example:

Place the ASSETS cards and build the universe of the story, sticking around them notes, maps, images and whatever comes to your mind!

The Hero's Development Cards

The Hero structure is a pattern that can be found in many different stories. It could be considered as an archetypical path that underlies every story told, first studied by Vladimir Propp, then by lots of other scholars such as Joseph Campbell, David Adams, Christopher Vogler.

There are 15 cards which represent the HERO’S STEPS, the typical steps of the characters. If you think about it you can find them in most movies and books:

Then we have the meeting with ALLIES and ENEMIES, we have TRIALS, the FULFILLMENT of the hero, the ORDEAL in which he gets what he is looking for and the story develops until the RESOLUTION, good or bad.

Although most stories do have just one hero, you will have three CHARACTERS cards. By disposing them on the left you will be able to manage the Hero’s Development of three different characters.

The Editing Cards

And what If you have lots of characters or you want to play with the time of your story? Think about the movies by Christopher Nolan, for example, or the complexity of novels like Game of Thrones.

The EDITING cards are based on the Three Act Structure and with them you can act like a director who orders the events of your story. It's like a recap focused on the audience:

The potential

With Fabula you can basically build every kind of story. From the simplest tales to the most complex movies, from the most profound literature to the episodes of a TV serie.

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